The Skyloom Archives

Skyloom Sacred Dancers was a group of dancers whose numbers varied from 4 to 7 dancers. They were all located in a suburban area just west of Boston, MA  , and the group functioned from the 1980’s through the early 2000’s.

The focus of the dancers was spiritual in nature. Most  dances were created through interpretations of biblical nature. There were also some modern dances.

Moost of their performances were in local churches, but  Skyloom also danced in venues with stages. Performances  weere also given  in venues rangeing from England to Hawaii.

Following is selection of dances from the  archive of over 100 dances that were recorded on video tapes or CD’s over their  30 -year lifetime. The dances are grouped into 3 time periods: 2000s, 1990s and 1980s.

SKYLOOM DANCE DIRECTORY, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s Dance Links

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